Reach Out & Give

This program, directed by each individual classroom, occurs in December of each school year.


  • To create an awareness within students of a world outside of themselves
  • To challenge students to find fulfillment through a spirit of “giving” rather than through self-gratification
  • To develop cooperation and kindness within and between classes
  • To provide an opportunity for students to gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of needs in their community
  • To provide opportunities for students to be living testimonies and examples of Jesus Christ in their community and school
  • To challenge students in heeding Scriptural mandates to give as they have been given
  • To develop rapport between students, faculty and staff, administration, and those in the community
  • To give opportunities for students to make application of their knowledge of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those in the community through example, word and deed

Some of the activities of Reach Out and Give Week include:

  • Christmas caroling at Reuland’s Restaurant, Carson’s, Plum Landing, Aurora Manor, Old Second Bank, Countryside Care Centre
  • Purchase of toys for Wayside Rescue Mission
  • Assist at Salvation Army for annual Christmas distribution
  • Elmwood Nursing Home, caroling, passing out treats, etc.
  • Christmas cards sent to shut-ins and elderly at churches
  • Christmas cards for AIDS patients
  • Christmas cards to soldiers