7th & 8th Grade Class

Welcome to Junior High! 7th and 8th graders go through many transitions. My academic goal is to prepare your students for High School. The student needs to learn to take responsibility for his/her academic achievement. While we don’t physically change classes here, I do go by the bell, much like your student will in High School. My job isn’t to feed the answers to your student, but to encourage them to dig it out for themselves.  In Bible, we study the Old Testament which dovetails nicely with our study of Ancient civilizations and world cultures.  In Grammar, we review the parts of speech and grammar rules and apply these in our writing assignments. In Literature we study The Chronicles of Narnia and try to see how many allusions Lewis makes to the Bible. In Science, we are presented with many great scientists and their discoveries and how their faith helped them in their Science endeavors. All truth is God’s truth so I try to teach the students that all learning can lead to a greater understanding of their Creator and Father. My spiritual goal is for the students to realize that their God-given assignment now is to reflect God’s glory in the way they do school, family, and the life God has given them.


  • Grammar, History, Literature, Science-ABeka
  • Writing-supplements

Class Supply List: 2022-2023

All grades:

 No spill Water Bottle Only
 8 Dry Erase Blue or Black Thick Marker (EXPO
 1 Pkgs. 300 Count Standard Notebook Paper
 2 Red Pens
 4 Blue/Blacks Pens
 Protractor
 Compass
 $7.50 for Vision Screening (8th Grade)
 1 Pair of Scissors
 1 set of Colored Pencils
 24 Pencils
 2 Yellow Highlighters
 1 12 inch Ruler with Metric
 6 Pocket Folders
 1 Black “Sharpie”
 1 Spiral notebook for journaling
 1 Art shirt

I will expect the student to have these supplies on hand at all times

 3 Rolls of “Duct Tape” to cover Books with
BRING on the first day of school (you can
purchase book covers if you prefer)
 4 Brown paper grocery bags to cover books on
the first day of school if you did not purchase the book
 Plain calculator -simple- not scientific
 1 Large Plain Eraser (optional)
 1 Pencil Pouch (If you choose)
 “White Out” Liquid Paper or strips
 1 Binder with subject dividers
 1 Solid Room Air Freshener (Glade)
 Deodorant
 2 glue sticks
 1 sticky notes
 1 large heavy-duty plastic crate for textbooks,
approximately 15”X11”
 3 bags of individually wrapped candy (no gum or


Each Student will be Responsible for bringing in
the supplies for 4 science experiments throughout
the year


*You may want to label things

Supply List 7-8 Grades (2)

Daily Schedule

8:30 am  Bible

9:20 am  Bathroom

9:30 am  Math

10:30 am  History

11:30 am   Lunch

12:00 pm  Grammar, Writing, Literature

1:00 pm   Science

1:25 pm   Bathroom

1:35 pm   P.E. (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) |  Music (Tuesday & Thursday)

2:10 pm  Science

2:45 pm  Reading

3:10 pm  Pack-up

5th & 6th Grade Class

Welcome to fifth/sixth grade.   My name is Alyce Bakker.  I have been a teacher since 1998, prior to that I was a full time missionary and then an at home mother and foster parent.  My husband and I have 7 kids, 3 grandchildren, and were foster parents to 73.  This is my second year teaching at Covenant.  I taught at Calvary Christian School for 16 years and Special Education for 1 year in a public school. I have an Associates of Science, Bachelor’s degree in Education and I have an endorsement as a Learning Behavioral Specialist (LBS1).  I feel blessed to be part of Covenant’s staff.

The first aspect of education is to teach students who they are in Christ, and what purpose God has for their life.  In order to accomplish this, I, the teacher, am first accountable to the Lord.  I then use the talents the Lord gave to me for God’s Glory.  I am an image-bearer of the Lord and must model Christ-likeness to my students.  “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28, KJV)  I am called to prepare students to understand that Christianity is not just religious truth, but Total Truth.

I believe teaching is a calling; I am compelled to devote my effort and time to my students and to improve my teaching skills to benefit each child.  As a teacher my learning is never complete, I need to be a lifelong learner. It is my desire to share that love of learning with my students. I find great pleasure when a student’s “light bulb” lights up when a new idea or concept finally makes sense. I enjoy being part of that discovery.


  • Bible-Life way
  • Math and Spelling-ACSI
  • Reading, Language, Science, and History-A Beka and AIMS

Class Supply List: 2021-2022

All Grades:

  • 2 reams of Copy Paper
  • 3 large containers of Clorox disinfectant wipes
  • 3 rolls of Paper Towels
  • 3 boxes of Kleenex
  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer (full size, not pocket size)
  • No-Spill water bottle
  • 1 paint shirt
  • 1 pair of tennis shoes marked CCS

5th & 6th Grade:

 1 pkg. wide-ruled notebook paper
 3 spiral notebooks (wide-ruled) Please no fancy covers or multi-subject
 4 red pens (non-erasable)
 2 zippered pencil bags (the flat kind)
 2 large glue sticks
 2 highlighters (yellow)
 2 large plain pencil erasers
 1 4 oz. bottle of white glue
 1 pencil sharpener with catch (not the water-filled or electric)
 1 pair of Fiskar scissors (pointed end)
 2 pkg. sharpened no. 2 pencils (Ticonderoga)
 4 plastic pocket folders (any color) with prongs
 1 green plastic pocket folder
 1 pkg. fat washable markers
 1 binder (with clear overlay on front and back cover) 1 inch
 1 binder: 1⁄2 inch
 1 pkg. colored pencils (No more than 12)
 1 box gallon size Zip-lock bags (5th grade only)

 1 box sandwich size Zip-lock bags (6th grade only)

 1 roll of clear contact paper
 3 EXPO black markers
 2 bags of individually wrapped candy (NO gum or suckers please)
 1 red, purple or green Flair felt-tipped marker
 Deodorant (No spray)
 1 pkg. black or blue pens (no click type)
 1 package lined index cards

supply list 2022-2023 5 6

Daily Schedule

8:30 am  Bible

9:00 am  Math

10:10 am   Spelling

10:30 am  History

11:15 am    Recess

11:30 am   Lunch

12:00 pm  Language

12:30 pm  Reading

1:05 pm  P.E. (Monday, Wednesday, & Friday) |

Music (Tuesday & Thursday)

1:35 pm   Science

2:10 pm   Computer (Tuesday & Thursday) | Library (Wednesday) |

Art (Friday)

2:30 pm   Study Hall