Grading Philosophy for Kindergarten

“Seek first the Kingdom of God.” (Matthew 6:33 NKJV)

Kindergarten has the German meaning of “garden of children.” The kindergarten children of Covenant Christian School are privileged to be in the “garden” of the Lord Jesus Christ! As the Lord is the ultimate caretaker of this garden, each child is nurtured and celebrated as having been fearfully and wonderfully made in His Image.

Learning is presented much like well-mixed potting soil. It contains a variety of ingredients that mandate a methodology that uses different learning modalities, with each student grasping concepts at their own developmental rate. Assessment will be made according to the amount and sustainability of the nutrients that the child has taken in. This assessment is not completely dependent upon the academic knowledge exhibited. The evaluation or grading of these nutrients involves a fair assessment of overall maturity, work skill, listening skills, and social skills as well. The report card and parent conferences allows parents and students to know how these specific areas will be evaluated. Student progress will be reflected quarterly.

These nutrients of learning are supplied and fertilized through the unified student, teacher, and parental mission of Christian character, compassion, and servanthood. The areas in which students will be assessed reflect the life of Jesus. May we all creatively grow to be more and more like Him in this wonderful educationally rich place called kindergarten.


Abeka curriculum is primarily used in the kindergarten phonics, reading and writing sessions. ACSI’s Math with a Purpose is used for number celebration, allowing for a great deal of manipulatives.

Grading Methodology for Kindergarten

Kindergarten learning is much like a well mixed potting soil. The components of this soil consist of the following areas as indicated on the kindergarten report card.

Devotions are graded on Bible verse memorization, comprehension and attentiveness.

Phonics ranges from knowledge of name and sound of letters to knowledge of the rules for 2 vowel words.

Reading Readiness covers understanding words of position to the reading of words of color, days of the week and months of the year.

Music indicates the extent to which the child sings and has learned the songs that have been taught.

Study Habits depict the child’s ability to individually and corporately follow directions and use time wisely.

Gross Motor provides a picture of the child’s physical agility with such skills as skipping or ball handling.

Fine Motor addresses pencil grip, cutting skills, and puzzle completion among others.

Numbers begin with patterning and indicate the child’s growing knowledge of counting, money, fact families, and the telling of time.

Printing reflects the child’s fine motor skills with the penmanship papers of the curriculum.

Conduct covers the social skills of group interactions and classroom manners reflecting Christian Character.

Kindergarten grading is as follows:

  • E depicts excellence and mastery according to the kindergarten standard.
  • S+ reflects above average ability in a given area.
  • S shows average ability
  • S- indicates below average ability
  • NA says that the area is not applicable at the time of grading.

These grades are subjective, taking into consideration the individual child. Each comes into kindergarten at their own starting point. The role of the kindergarten teacher is to nurture the child and help them grow to be all that the Lord would have them to be. Grading is a means of assessing progress for the individual. Where did they start growing from? How wonderfully far have they grown? Parent conferences and continual communications are encouraged. Just as the sun and rain are so very necessary for the natural plant life, His Son and His Holy Spirit are essential to the kindergarten graduate of Covenant Christian School. Much prayer flows through the covenantal triangle of teacher, parent, and child.

Class List: 2021-2022

(2) Reams of Copy Paper*
(2) Large Containers of “Clorox” Disinfectant Wipes*
(1) Large Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (may need to be replenished)
(3) Rolls of Paper Towels*
(4) Boxes of Kleenex*
$7.50 for vision screening. Eye exam required.
$5.00 for Art Fee

  • (1) Pair of Gym Shoes to be Left at School for PE* (Please consider Velcro)
  • (1) School Bag* (Regular sized, not small)
  • (1) Art Shirt* (Old T-shirt)
  • (1) Lunch Box*
  • (1) Water Bottle with a Covered Spout*
  • (1) Box of 24 “Crayola” Crayons
  • (1) Package of “Crayola” Watercolor Paints (16 Colors)*
  • (24) Glue Sticks
  • (1) Box of 8 Crayola Washable Markers (Classic Colors)*
  • (5) Thin Dry Erase Markers (“Expo” Brand ONLY)
  • (1) Pair of Small “Fiskars” Scissors (Pointed)*
  • (1) Small Pencil Box to Hold Supplies*
  • (1) Box of 24 #2 “Ticonderonga” Pencils (Sharpened)
  • (4) “Ticonderonga” Fat Pencils
  • (1) Box of 24 “Crayola” Colored Pencils (Sharpened)*
  • (1) Small Dry Erase Board*
  • (1) Dry Erase Eraser*
  • (1) Seasonally Appropriate Change of Clothes in a “Zip-Lock” Bag Labeled with Your Child’s Name
  • (4) Packages of Baby Wipes
  • (1) Bag of Wrapped Candy (“Smarties”, “Tootsie Rolls”… PLEASE NO GUM)
  • (1) 2oz. Can of Play-Doh
  • (1) Box “Zip-Lock” Gallon size for Girls / 1 Box “Zip-Lock” Quart size for Boys
  • Age-appropriate Stickers (Hearths, Stars, animals, etc.)
  • (2) Pink erasers
  • (1) Scotch Tape

Please label all the Items marked with stars (*) with a “Sharpie”

Supply List for Kindergarten (1)

Daily Schedule

8:30   Bathroom Break

8:40   Prayer, Worship, & Bible

9:10   Phonics & Writing

9:40    Snack

10:10   Social Studies

10:30   Christmas Program Practice

10:50   Recess

11:15   Bathroom Break

11:30   Lunch

12:05   Reading Groups

12:45   Recess

1:15    Bathroom Break

1:30    Story Time

2:00   Nap

3:00   Pack up & line up