Parent Testimonials

What CCS Parents Are Saying

“I love this school! I would do whatever it took to get them in Covenant Christian. This school has welcomed us in and influenced my child’s life. The teachers and principal have always been welcoming and loving toward us. Thank you for the love you have shown our family!”

“One of the primary reasons that my children are in this school is when I saw the heart of love that the teachers have for their work of education, and their true approach to their labor as a ministry. My kids love the lessons about all the characters in the Bible stories.”

“I love the resources of the school; the hours when they offer help to students who struggle, helping them advance and succeed in every area. I’m not worried that any of my children will be left behind because CCS offers so much support for them!”

“Sending our daughter to Covenant Christian School has been the best decision we ever made for her! The teachers and administrators demonstrate Christ’s love to every student and the level of Education is phenomenal!! We love you, CCS!!”

“My son’s teacher was incredible. The entire Covenant staff is great.”

“Great school for a Christ centered education. Especially for families with limited funds, plus the staff is so loving.”

“Education, faith based, the school is like an extention to our family.”

“I like the small classroom size, and that my child is receiving a Christ-centered education to reinforce the teachings outside of the school environment as well.”

“Loving staff, genuine care and concern for children, Christ centered in all aspects.”

“Christian atmosphere, academic rigor, affordable education, outstanding staff

friendly and a family atmosphere.  I also loved the all-day preschool.”

“The great Christian education offered is high quality education, the transformation I’ve seen in my child is amazing.”

“Our child is doing very well and learning at an accelerated pace.”

“Godly values and absolute truth are taught with  personal time and attention given to students.”

“CCS is partnering with Christian families teaching values, integrity and high standards. The staff are all Godly examples for students. There is a high level of academic education along with spiritual nurturing, care and love for each individual student and their family.”