Educational Success Consultation

Why an “Educational Success Consultation?”

Over and over in His Word, God clearly places the responsibility of educating children on Christian parents, not on the government, so when the time comes for Christian parents to find a school for their children, the decision is not one to be made lightly. At Covenant, we understand what is at stake for your child and your family in this decision. The purpose of an Educational Success Consultation at Covenant Christian School is to actively engage and support parents in making wise educational decisions for their children.

Our Principal will guide you through the process as you discuss your children and your goals for their education. We are deeply committed to the success of Christian education for Christian families. An Educational Success Consultation with our Principal will focus on the vision you have for your children, including their academic training and their Christian character development, in an attempt to help you determine if Covenant is the best school for your children. We recommend that both parents attend the consultation.

Please call (630) 801-7955 or complete the form below if you would like to learn more about the educational success consultation and the possibilities available for your child at Covenant Christian School.

Covenant Christian School desires to partner with families to ensure Christian education is an option financially. While we do offer financial assistance based on proven needs, our scholarship funds only allow for a set amount each school year.

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