Student Activities

CCS student activities meet the need for the spiritual, physical, academic, social, and cultural development of each student. Therefore, some of the activities include the following:

  • ACSI Math Olympics
  • ACSI Speech Meet
  • Band
  • Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Boys and Girls Soccer
  • Fine Arts Festival
  • Firehouse (ROL) Leadership Training
  • Foreign Language Club
  • School Safety Patrol
  • Student Leadership Council

Spanish Club

Spanish Club is held once a week after school for one hour for kindergarten through eighth grade.

Teachers: Mrs. Monica Soto and Mrs. Heidi Angelo
Please contact us if you have questions.

Drama Club

An extra-curricular activity offered at Covenant Christian School from second to eight grade headed by Mrs. Heidi Angelo. The different kinds of drama are Broadway and Human Video.[/vc_column_text]

Heart of David School of Dance

Heart of David School of Dance is an after school program led by Dr, Kathy Weber. The vision and purpose for this school is to train and equip the children in the arts, so that they, in turn, can use what they have learned as an Evangelistic tool and reach out to the lost. We are planning on ministering during CCS chapel services, and expecting open doors in the surrounding communities. Topics for discussion during the dance class, Hebrew praise words, choreography, cannon, different patterns, the scriptural use, color and meaning of flags and streamers and their significance.

S.W.A.T Club

S.W.A.T is a computer club started at Covenant Christian School. S.W.A.T is not just a cool name, but it is the clubs motto and focus. Student Working to Advance Technology is our ultimate goal. It is to equip each student with the necessary skills and expand new possibilities in the world of computers.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council promotes Christian love, support, responsibility, and encouragement throughout our student body. We are convinced at CCS that the more involved students become in everyday matters pertaining to the school, the stronger will be the support for our school. The more enthusiastic they become concerning school goals, policies, and procedures, the stronger will be our base for a loyal, active student body. Students are made to feel they belong and have ownership in their school. To involve them in leadership operations and to encourage them in limited responsibilities results in a greater awareness of their school and its functions, and most importantly gives them limited ownership of their school and a strong, positive voice for school growth.
The Student Leadership council brings souls, minds, and spirits together for a unified body of Christ–a body excited, working together to the praise and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Goals of Student Council

  • To teach responsibility
  • To encourage student interest in their school
  • To involve students in specific projects (i.e. Missions Week, service projects, special activities, etc.)


  • One year term
  • Last month of school (secret ballot by grades 5-8)
  • Faculty vote will occur after ballot from students with 1 alternate per class
  • Final decision by the administration
  • Evaluation

Evaluation of student grades and attitude are made quarterly by the Faculty Evaluation Board of Review. The Board will include SLC Faculty Representative, Administrator and current 5th-8th grade teachers. Upon review, a student who does not fulfill guidelines for membership will meet with the council and a written explanation will be presented to inform student and parents.

Past SLC Sponsored Activities

  • Popcorn and Nacho Day
  • Special Days such as Inside Out, Leap Frog, etc.
  • Leading See You at the Pole prayer focus
  • Organizing Pep Rallies