Academic Enrichment

At CCS we believe that all students can learn and succeed educationally. That is why we have on staff loving professionals who are trained and equipped to help students with a variety of learning needs or challenges. The following programs are designed to enrich student learning and help them grow to be confident and competent learners ready for the challenges they will meet in the future as learners and in their vocation.

Grow Program (For Student who are Gifted)
Grow is a program to assist gifted students in finding their key strengths and grow them into all God’s has prepared in advance for them to do. Students work collaboratively together to investigate areas of learning not covered in the core curriculum. The program tailors unique learning units with each individual to stretch these young minds to achieve even more and challenge them to reach learning goals they never knew were possible.

Connect Program
Connect is a program to come along side students who need extra support in specific subjects or help address difficulty with a particular concept or area of learning. Students work individually or in a small group with a teacher to improve understanding, strengthen habits, and learning, as well as improve the student’s confidence in learning. Students meet for 30-45 minutes each session, 1-3 times per week for math, language, reading comprehension, spelling or other subjects.

Uplift Program (For students with learning differences)
Students with average to superior intelligence who have deficits in perception and cognition are candidates for this program. This comprehensive mainstreaming program helps those with specific learning differences reach their full, God given potential and grow their abilities both in and out of the classroom. It focuses on each individual learner and tailors classroom support and one-on-one intervention to students so they will succeed. These students may be experiencing problems with memory, illegible handwriting, an inability to express thoughts verbally or in writing or difficulty with spelling, reading or math. Uplift is an intervention designed to stimulate and strengthen the foundation. Deficient areas in perception and cognition are strengthened so that students can develop and thrive academically and as competent and confident life-long learners.

To find out more about these programs, please contact us at the school and set up an Educational Success Consultation with our principal.